Greenapp security

Greenapp’s security

Security is of utmost importance for every application we use on our mobiles, especially those applications that are related directly to some financial transactions. 

All companies take necessary measurements for the security of information. What Greenapp has done so far for this purpose, we will discuss here.

Security measures taken by Greenapp: Greenapp consists basically of three applications that include the Green Distributor app, the Green Retailer app, and Greenapp. The security covers all three applications. All three Green applications have Login/Password requirements as of other applications available in the market. But the security of the Green application is at the top. Let’s describe it in a simple way.

When a customer is registered (as a retailer in this case) and he/she logins using his/her android phone, the application locks at that particular mobile and no one can open the same login credentials on other mobile phones. So, if someone’s login ID and passwords are compromised, his application and all financial data are safe. This is a simple description of Greenapp security which I love the most. For more information and queries, please contact us at or visit us at

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